For a Moment, Baseball Team Victory Unites Political Differences in Washington DC

Friday, 1 November 2019 11:19 WIB



Many Washington DC residents won the Washington Nationals baseball team with cheers and parties.

However the continuation of discussing the impeachment of US President Donald Trump, such as diverting a resident of Washington, like clouds that blanketed the city.

The Washington Nationals on Wednesday (30/10) defeated the Houston Astros team 6-2 in the seventh match of the American baseball league championship final, known as the World Series. This is the first Washington Nationals victory in the history of this sport.

Previous politics surfaced in the D.C. National Park, where the national team competed on home turf. Last week, President Trump came to watch seven games together and several Republican figures. The Presidential Support Group was strongly ridiculed by the audience, who chanted "detain him".

Sport is seen as an opportunity to unite citizens such as the famous "pingpong diplomacy" that deals with the public between two table tennis players from China and the United States during the 1971 World Table Tennis Championship in Nagoya, Japan. The meeting signaled the thawing of US-China relations during the Cold War.

For residents of D.C. successful team Citizens reach the World Series finals and win is a moment of unity for the city. [my / pp]

"The impeachment is clearly divisive. The victory of the National team in the World Series is a huge cohesive moment," Ore Fashola said.

Despite winning, residents of D.C. saying the good news is only temporary.

Source : VOA




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